Every idea begins with a spark

 Every idea begins with a spark

Student Leadership: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

We believe that every student has the potential to be a leader, and we encourage all our students to explore and embrace leadership opportunities throughout their time at Invictus. Together, we inspire, empower, and lead by example.

The INVICTUS Student Council is a pivotal force in shaping the student experience at our school, encompassing students from primary, middle and senior school. The Student Council actively represents student perspectives and concerns across all levels and strives to bring these concerns to fruition.


Every idea begins with a spark.
So do our House Names. The
spark is best symbolized in
stars, Wondrous, bright and
inspirational wayfinders, stars
embody aspirations, hope,
imagination and excellence.
They sparkle and shine, just
like our Invictors do.

Student Council 2023-24

Zyna Dhillon

Our school is not just a place of learning; it's a warm and diverse community. We are bound by the shared values of growth, respect, and unity.

Our mission is clear: to amplify student voices, foster empathy, and make every student's experience exceptional. This year, we aim at strengthening connections among us and embracing the richness of our differences.

As the president, I promise to listen, to act with compassion, and to work tirelessly to enhance our school life. Together, we are Invictus—unyielding in our quest for knowledge and personal growth.

Let's make this year one of unity, empathy, and excellence. Together, we will rise and shine as a stronger, more connected community.

Head Boy
Suheil Savlani

Greetings, school community! I'm Suheil Savlani, currently pursuing A levels at Invictus. My life revolves around books and my guitar, with a coding terminal always at hand. Since my early days here, I've been inspired by our student council's dynamic leadership. Now, as head boy, I'm honored to take up this responsibility seriously and uphold our school's spirit.

I envision our school as a place where every student experiences exponential growth, fostering a collaborative community. In the upcoming year, we'll embark on exciting learning events to broaden our horizons.

Communication is vital for our school's success. I'll be the bridge between students and the administration, ensuring every voice is heard.

I firmly believe, it is what a student does independently beyond the class room that defines their path, it is the ability to take initiative and the relentless attitude towards our endeavours which makes us Invictus. I understand the weight of this role and promise to lead with accountability and discipline, making the year ahead memorable and joyful.

Head Girl
Prisha Arora

Greetings! I am Prisha Arora, a grade 12 Commerce student. An ardent reader, an accomplished debater and a finance enthusiast, you will often find me in the library probably diving into one of these topics!

I am both honored and proud to be representing Invictus International School as the Head Girl 2023-24. Honored to have been chosen from a dynamic year group. Proud because of all that Invictus stands for and to be able to represent each and every one of my fellow leaders at the school.

As Head Girl, my ambition is to foster an environment where every student can excel academically and personally. I believe that with dedication and teamwork, we can achieve remarkable heights. My vision for our school is one of inclusivity, where every student's voice is heard and valued.

I approach this role with unwavering enthusiasm. It's a privilege to serve as a role model for my peers and to work closely with our dedicated staff and administration. I am eager to lead by example, promoting not only academic excellence but also character development and good sportsmanship.

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