Every idea begins with a spark

 Every idea begins with a spark

During Middle School, students aim high and carve their paths to success.

As students step into our Invictus Middle School, they continue their educational journey with a sense of wonder and eagerness. Building upon the foundation they've laid during their Primary Years, they embark on a path enriched with diverse learning opportunities that both challenge and ignite their curiosity.

In Middle School, teaching and learning occur against the backdrop of students’ incredible physical and social growth. Middle Schoolers take risks and try new things, learning through both successes and challenges. In keeping with the values and attributes of the Invictus Spirit, we curate opportunities for the students to discover their talents, engage in a vast array of experiences and grow holistically.

An Invictus Middle School classroom is a place where students not only learn but thrive, where ideas are encouraged, and where collaboration and communication are celebrated. This philosophy, coupled with our interdisciplinary approach, digital resources, and nurturing classroom culture, ensures that every Middle School student is well-prepared, inspired, and poised for success in their academic journey and beyond.

In the Middle Years programme, learners continue their development in the basic subjects while being introduced to subjects like Social Sciences. We also start initiating students into formal forms of assessment as per the exam pattern and evaluation practices of CBSE.

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