Every idea begins with a spark

 Every idea begins with a spark

At Invictus Primary, we ignite the spark of lifelong learning in our young scholars, setting them on a captivating journey of discovery and growth.

Having completed the Early Years, parents have the option to choose for their children either Primary schooling affiliated to the CBSE board or for Cambridge Primary affiliated to the Cambridge International Education Assessment.

When students enter our Primary School, they are further challenged and inspired in their learning, building on their Early Years experiences to have an even wider variety of opportunities available to them. Emphasis on academic excellence is coupled with an ongoing focus on depth and breadth of study, provided through a wide range of creative and cross-curricular experiences each school day.

All learning opportunities, whether in the academics, arts or sport, are valued and essential to our belief in holistic learning. We aim to ensure that our Primary students feel inspired each day in their learning, asking questions and wanting to find out more. Opportunities to apply their learning across different contexts are essential in enabling the deep learning experience we believe so important, setting our students up for success at both this stage of their education and beyond.

Enter a Primary classroom and you will see rigorous, imaginative, creative teaching, and focused, independent, dynamic learning. The curriculum is designed enhanced to ensure relevant and interesting learning opportunities for our international students.

Our transdisciplinary approach students to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills, and enables all students to excel in their language development. This, coupled with a multitude of ways to apply their learning, really does result in success for all.

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