Every idea begins with a spark

 Every idea begins with a spark


At Invictus, we believe that education transcends borders. Our commitment to internationalism lies at the heart of our educational philosophy. We understand that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and we are dedicated to preparing our students to thrive in this globalized landscape.

Internationalism at Invictus is more than just a concept; it's a way of life. It's about fostering a global mind set, nurturing cultural competence, and empowering our students to become responsible global citizens.


"Care lies at the heart of the school's work,"
reads the CIS report declaring Invictus as a CIS Member School.
Council of International Schools (CIS) is a global membership community working collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions and individuals.
Its members include the world's best international schools and being a member is indeed an achievement for the incredible iNViCTUS community of parents, students and teachers.
As we received the certificate of this prestigious membership, CIS spotlighted numerous aspects of iNViCTUS' vision, mission and action. These included the well articulated components of our vision which are being efficaciously implemented.
Gaining CIS membership is a powerful endorsement and validation of our approach. This membership gives our students access to the benefits we will gain as part of a global community of the world's best international schools.


The Invictus International School has pioneered transformative intercultural exchange programs in collaboration with partner schools and organizations across the globe. These initiatives serve as a gateway to enriching global experiences, opening doors to the diverse cultures of various nations. Through these programs, our students embark on journeys to countries that span continents, including the United States, Russia, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Colombo, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, and Hungary. Simultaneously, we take pride in hosting students from these very nations, fostering a vibrant cross-cultural exchange that bridges geographical boundaries.

Notably, Invictus International has had the privilege of hosting students through the distinguished Cultural Exchange program, welcoming international student delegates from France, Italy, Thailand and Japan. Besides revelling in school’s fair boasting traditional art, attire, cuisine, dance and culture, the student delegates also had an interactive session with Invictors familiarizing them with their respective cultures. We believe that such collaborations bring students together globally to foster cultural awareness, develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to engage in cross-cultural learning and collaboration.


The World Scholar's Cup is an international academic competition and enrichment program for students around the world. The WSC aims to promote interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, teamwork, and global awareness among students. The World Scholar's Cup is a unique and enriching educational experience that goes beyond traditional academic competitions. It fosters a love for learning, encourages teamwork, and helps students develop valuable skills that can benefit them in their academic and personal journeys.

Invictus’ overwhelming participation and massive success in World Scholar’s Cup is another way of exposing our students to hitherto unknown, and educating them by interacting with and contesting against students from across the globe. Our students’ experience in the WSC Global Round held at Vietnam and WSC Tournament of Champions held at Yale University (UK) has been phenomenal and memorable. Our students left everyone open-mouthed with their exemplary performance in Tournament of Champions held at Yale University.


Learning at Invictus is extraordinary and experiential. And, more than anything, empowering. In order to educate and inspire our students to explore business practices, analyze the world’s complex challenges, and take the first steps in becoming leaders who will transform the global economy, we ensure their participation in the acclaimed Wharton Global High School Investment Competition which is an online investment simulation for high school students. We’re proud to share that 23 Invictors aced this contest learning about teamwork, communication, risk, diversification, company and industry analysis, and many other important aspects of investing.


In yet another effort to promote internationalism, the school keeps organizing Skype interactions with our partner schools abroad. Recently, our students engaged in cross-cultural communication through Skype with the students of Forsaklackskolan in Borlange, Sweden. Invictors elicited excitement among them with their enactment on Indian culture, Bhangra, Rajasthani dance, traditional couplets and the cuisine of Punjab. The interaction among the students culminated in greater knowledge and greater confidence, with skills required for this century in contexts within and beyond their ordinary educational experiences.


Trinity College London examinations held in schools are a valuable educational initiative that assesses students' language and communication skills. By conducting Trinity College London examinations within schools, Invictus facilitate the holistic development of students while ensuring that they are well-prepared for future academic and professional challenges. These examinations not only assess language proficiency but also promote creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication, making them a valuable addition to the school curriculum.

Every year, around 200 students participate in Trinity College Examination London. This massive participation and phenomenal results are a reflection of our commitment to providing a holistic education that empowers students to shine in various aspects of life. It is heartening to see our students not only meet but exceed expectations in these examinations, showcasing their exceptional communication and performance skills.


The International Award for Young People, also known as The Duke of Edinburgh (commonly abbreviated DofE), is a program that provides an environment of social interaction and team work. It is a voluntary, non-competitive, balanced, enjoyable and flexible program of cultural and adventurous activities. The goal of this program is to enable every young person of every background to succeed, regardless of any barriers. By taking part in this program, an individual builds confidence and self-belief. The program offers activities that helps in attaining skills like leadership, perseverance, team work, and communication.

Invictus International, one of the best schools in India, is an active participant of the Duke of Edinburgh. Invictus finds the DofE award very fascinating in a way that the students can choose from a huge number of activities, according to their skills and interests. Invictus constantly takes part in the DofE activities; students attend and participate in adventure expeditions, experiencing a positive impact, in terms of their personal development and attitude. The program awards for perseverance and for completing 12 to 18 hours of voluntary, non-competitive, personalized activities. The most exciting section of the Duke of Edinburgh award is the adventure and expedition, including trekking, mountaineering, rappelling, tent pitching, river rafting, and bridge building. All these activities bring spirited enjoyment and diligent devotion amongst students to qualify and graduate with the award.


Model United Nations (MUN) stands as an insightful academic emulation of the United Nations (UN), purposefully designed to educate its participants on a multifaceted array of subjects encompassing current events, international relations, diplomacy, and the UN’s dynamic agenda. This distinctive platform not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates a profound understanding of the intricacies that shape global affairs.

In the heart of this experiential learning lies the active engagement of participants, who seamlessly step into the shoes of diplomats. Each participant is entrusted with the representation of a nation or a non-governmental organization (NGO) in meticulously orchestrated sessions mirroring UN committees. These could span from the esteemed Security Council to the all-encompassing General Assembly. This immersive role-play encourages students to delve into their designated country’s perspectives, motivations, and concerns.

Invictus shines as an active participant in this enlightening MUN landscape. With unwavering enthusiasm, our students wholeheartedly engage in MUN conferences hosted by diverse institutions across the country. The tangible results of their dedication manifest in the form of well-deserved accolades earned at each conference. This commendable track record underscores the commitment of our students to excellence in research, articulation, negotiation, and cooperative problem-solving.

Model United Nations is a quintessential educational platform that nurtures global awareness, critical thinking, diplomacy, and collaboration. By channelling the spirit of international diplomacy, MUN not only equips students with a profound understanding of the world’s intricacies but also empowers them to contribute constructively to its evolution. As Invictus continues to actively participate in and excel at MUN conferences, it stands as a testament to the school’s dedication to holistic education and the development of future global leaders.


Invictus, with TAISI (The Association of International Schools of India) sets a significant milestone in our commitment to providing a world-class education. Through this partnership, we join a network of esteemed educational institutions dedicated to excellence in international education. TAISI's values align seamlessly with our school's mission, enhancing our ability to nurture global citizens who are academically proficient, culturally sensitive, and socially responsible.

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