Every idea begins with a spark

 Every idea begins with a spark

Cambridge Primary Years

Cambridge Primary provides a strong foundation for students at the beginning of their schooling before progressing through the Cambridge Pathway in an age-appropriate way.

With its exciting subjects like Global Perspectives and Art & Design, in addition to the core subjects, English, Mathematics and Science, learners are exposed to plenty of opportunities to develop creativity, expression and wellbeing in a variety of ways.

Cambridge Primary languages, English, Hindi and Punjabi encourage a life-long enthusiasm and love for reading, writing and spoken communication by exposing learners to a range of information, media and texts for different audiences and purposes.

Math: The unique ‘thinking and working mathematically’ approach of the curriculum encourages learners to challenge ideas, build connections between different facts, procedures and concepts and view the world in a mathematical way.

Science: Cambridge Primary Science helps learners develop a holistic approach to science by considering scientific thinking and practical skills alongside knowledge and understanding which is vital for explaining the world around us.

Computing: Learners are encouraged to think like a computer. In doing this, they understand that logic and precision underpin how computers work.

Global Perspectives: This subject helps learners start expressing their own opinions and develop an understanding that there is always more than one point of view.

Art & Design: This wide ranging discipline enables learners to explore their creativity and to express themselves through a range of artistic forms.

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